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Horizontal Sliders


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Mainframe – Shall be made from rigid polyvinylchloride (PVC) multi-hollow extrusions which have a minimum wall
thickness of .050”. Main frame shall be welded together at the corners. Overall frame depth is 2-7/8”.
Sash – Shall be made from rigid polyvinylchloride (PVC) extrusions which have a minimum wall thickness of.062”.
Sash to be of welded corner construction. Sash to have metal reinforcement in vertical members.
Fixed Meeting Rail – Shall be made from a rigid PVC hollow extrusion with a .050” wall thickness. Meeting rail
shall be secured to the main frame with three screw fasteners through injection molded end caps attached to the
meeting rail with three screws. Meeting rail to have metal reinforcement. Bottom of meeting rail to have foam bulb
to seal against the moveable sash.
Roller Track Snap-in – Shall be made from rigid PVC with a wall thickness of .050”. It shall “snap-fit” into the
main frame sill.
Glazing – Fixed glass panel shall consist of 3/4” thick insulated glass. Fixed (top) glass to be held securely in
place by the use of a double-sided adhesive foam tape at the exterior and a rigid PVC glazing bead, which has a
minimum wall thickness of .070”, at the interior. Low-E glass, argon gas and other glazing options available.
Moveable sash glass panel shall consist of 3/4” thick insulated glass. Glass to be held securely in place with
silicone and with rigid, extruded, vinyl, interior glazing beads. Note: 7/8” thick insulated glass used on select
Weather-stripping – Movable sash shall have strips of center fin weather-stripping on each stile and one on the
top and bottom rail. Vent stile of moveable sash to contain one foam bulb.
Hardware – Two hybrid cam type sweep locks to be located equidistant from each end of the top sash rail. Two
hybrid keepers to be fastened to the fixed meeting rail.. All screws, clips, and other fasteners shall be made of
non-corrosive materials compatible with reinforcements.
Screen – Half screen only. Screen to be made from roll-formed aluminum, 5/16” x 3/4” with a .020” wall thickness.
Screen cloth to be made from 18×16 fiberglass mesh and held securely by flexible spline. Screens shall meet
ANSI/SMA standard 1004-87. (NOTE: Insect screens are intended only to provide reasonable insect control. They
are not intended to prevent people or objects from exiting the window or to provide security against forced entry.)
Installation – To be done by others. Frame must be installed straight, plumb and level, without twisting, bowing or
springing. Manufacturer’s recommended installation procedures are to be used. Installer should make final
adjustments to ensure proper sash operation and window performance.

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